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Nature of educational philosophy?

Eductional philosophy is branch of general philosophy which aims on the formulation of aims and objectives of education which inturn provides him best practices and method of (MORE)

What is the Educational Philosophy of Romantic Naturalism?

Romantic naturalists believed in promoting a persons natural inclinations, and allowing a student to work personally with a teacher/mentor, who will guide them to reach their (MORE)

What is the nature of philosophy?

A philosophy is a way of living, and unlike religions which denote a belief in god(s), a philosophy dictates how to live life with out a god. Also a philosophy is a way to stu (MORE)

What is the real nature and scope of philosophy?

The real nature of Philosophy is intellectual & purely Logical, and the nature is totally based on thinking power and Thoughts of Human mind. As well concern of scope, scope (MORE)
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What are the similarities between natural rights philosophy and classical republicanism?

In the context of America's Founding and Founders, important  similarities between 'natural rights philosophy' and 'classical  republicanism' are many in number. Perhaps the (MORE)

What is natur of philosophy?

Nature of philosophy depends on the mother tongue.Whatever the nature of that particular tongue is the same with that particular philosophy.For example philosophical propositi (MORE)