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What is nature?

Nature consists of the whole physical environment in which humans live. It consists of everything that can be explained and demonstrated through the scientific method. It is (MORE)

What is naturalism?

i am guessing it is the act of being natural, this can be preformed by using your brains and not copying someone else, it can also be defined as a way for someone to hide them (MORE)

What is naturism?

Answer It is a lifestyle choice which entails being naked whenever possible. My Answer Something I've been longing to do for a LONG time. I only do this at home and not (MORE)

Are natural disasters really natural?

Most natural disasters are completely natural. These include earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, severe storms, tornadoes, cyclones (including typhoons and hurricanes), h (MORE)
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How is gold naturally found in nature?

It is found as a pure element (small grains of pure gold). Rarely, it is found as nuggets of pure gold, but since I assume that you are asking with regards to elemental or com (MORE)
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What does natural mean in your hair is natural?

"Natural" means you do not do anything to manipulate yourblack/African American hair to change its texture (i.e. perm,relaxer, smoother, texturizer, etc. anything that removes (MORE)