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Which hormone acts as a natural pain killer?

Beta-endorphin. Quote from Wikipedia: "It is used as an analgesic  in the body to numb or dull pains. That is the reason why humans  start to feel better immediately after a (MORE)

What happened in 1790?

The United States began conducting a full census in March. Prussia  and Austria both agree to the Convention of Reichenbach.

Natural selection can only act on traits?

Yes, traits that are phenotypical in nature and confer some survival and reproductive advantage, then the alleles that gave rise to these traits become more frequent in the po (MORE)

Does natural selection act on phenotype or genotype?

Natural selection acts solely on phenotype. However, the probability of certain genotypes can be affected by the probability of a certain phenotype surviving. For example, say (MORE)

What was the compromise of 1790?

the compromise of 1790 was a compromise organized by thomas Jefferson, Alexander hamilton and James Madison with some backing up by George Washington. it stated that the south (MORE)

What was The Naturalization Law of 1790?

The Naturalization Law of 1790 provided the first rules to be  followed by the United States in the granting of national  citizenship. Major changes to the definition of cit (MORE)

Does natural selection only act in Macroevolution?

'Macro-evolution' is not a process in itself. Rather, it is a  perspective on the effects of evolution.  'Micro-evolution' is those effects seen from close-up; by 'zooming  (MORE)