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What is slander in journalism?

Slander is a surprisingly specific term. Most people assume that it is when someone lies in any form of media. Slander is specific to something being fleeting, or once it is (MORE)

What is a rod journal?

Connecting rod journals are the part of the crankshaft where the connecting rods attach to. There is one rod journal for each piston/connecting rod in the engine. These journa (MORE)

What are journals?

  Journals are regular periodic publications, usually dedicated to a specific profession or discipline. They usually are published monthly or quarterly, and they are usual (MORE)

What is Muckracking journalism?

Journalism that embraces the most tawdry, perverse, and unfortunate stories-- typically something quite embarassing, sensational, or dirty--in an attempt to tantalize the medi (MORE)

What is journalism about?

Journalism is about reporting on the biggest news stories, but it is also about covering life in your city or town. Journalists, sometimes also called "reporters," provide inf (MORE)
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What is ICV of journal?

IndexCopernicus Evaluation Methodology Stage 1. Detailed Parametrical analysis The following groups of parameters are evaluated:Scientific quality: 580 base points (58.0%)Ed (MORE)

Who invented the journal?

  Well, it depends how journal is defined here. Cavemen, our ancestors, drew pictures telling stories on the cave walls... If they were documenting the experiences of the (MORE)

What is journal?

The journal is a kind of newspaper or magazine that is a  professional activity or intellectual magazine and published on a  regular schedule. It can also be a record of the (MORE)

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