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What are the functions of diplomacy?

Many functions of diplomacy or a diplomatic mission are the  following:    1. Reporting   2. Negotiation    REPORTING: Reporting involves the observation of (MORE)

What is backdoor diplomacy?

Back door diplomacy is basically the practice of nations to conduct  politics out of the view of the public and out of the view of the  international diplomatic world as req (MORE)

What is the difference between defense diplomacy and ordinary diplomacy?

Defense diplomacy is one of the instruments a country can use to develop the bilateral and multilateral relationships is needs in the world. It is different from 'ordinary' di (MORE)

What is open diplomacy?

Open diplomacy is the conducting of diplomatic negotiations and agreements in public, releasing information to the public at various stages in the negotiations.
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What is the difference between military diplomacy and defence diplomacy?

Defence diplomacy is the deliberate application of resources from across the spectrum of defence, to achieve positive outcomes in the development of bilateral and multilateral (MORE)
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What is diplomacy?

Answer 1   diplomacy    The art or practice of conducting international relations, as  in negotiating alliances, treaties, and agreements.    Tact and skill in (MORE)

What is gunboat diplomacy?

Gunboat Diplomacy is when a country intimidates another by way of military action. Gunboat Diplomacy is often used in reference to Theodore Roosevelt because he used gunboat d (MORE)