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What part of the cathedral is the nave?

  This is usually the largest part of the cathedral where the congregation sits, so called from the Latin Navus meaning 'boat' because it looks like an upturned boat. The (MORE)

What is a nave in a church?

This is the part of the church where the people sit. It is called the 'nave' as the roof looks a little like an upturned boat - the latin for 'boat' being 'navis' from where (MORE)
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Till he unseamed him from the nave to the chops and fixed this head upon our battlements what can you infer from that line?

Macbeth killed Macdonweald in a particularly brutal way, by cutting him from the belly (the nave is the navel) to the chin (the chops--you've heard of licking one's chops?), t (MORE)
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What does nave mean?

Nave is a term used to describe part of a church sanctuary. It refers to the longest aisle, generally between the entrance doors and the altar. Most modern churches have their (MORE)

What does nave mean in a church?

The Reverend Ken Collins's website contains a Reference section  where he has compiled a short glossary of Church Architectural  terms. The definitions have been written in (MORE)