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How do you build a Nave?

In order to build a nave, you would need to have columns or pillarsas well as walls that support the building. A nave is the main bodyof a church building based on the Romanes ( Full Answer )
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What is a nave in a church?

This is the part of the church where the people sit. It is called the 'nave' as the roof looks a little like an upturned boat - the latin for 'boat' being 'navis' from where ( Full Answer )
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What happens in the Nave?

It is the part of the church (facing west), which is usually used for services of reletively high importance or concerts. For example Sunday services, Christmas or weddings. F ( Full Answer )
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How can you numb your nave for piercingsl?

Professional body piercers won't pierce a navel that has been injected or had any form of numbing agent applied to it. Numbing agents bloat the tissue making the piercing alig ( Full Answer )
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What is a nave in the church?

Nave refers to the longest part of a sanctuary, generally between the entrance doors and the altar. Moany churches have their general seating in the nave. In churches shaped l ( Full Answer )
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What does nave mean?

Nave is a term used to describe part of a church sanctuary. It refers to the longest aisle, generally between the entrance doors and the altar. Most modern churches have their ( Full Answer )
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How do you use nave in a sentence?

For "nave", the sentence would be: "The procession, led by the Bishop, began a slow march up the aisle into the nave of the cathedral." or, if you meany "naive", it would b ( Full Answer )
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What de nave?

This is the poo place in the toliet. People come to disregard jesusand how he sucks. It is where they boo him. They often urinate onhis cross. It is called the nave
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What is an antonym of Ayesha Naveed?

The antonym of Ayesha Naveed is Treat. A personwho always invites on a treat is known as AyeshaNaveed .
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What is the meaning of a Nave?

The nave is the central aisle of a basilica type church orthe main body of a church (whether aisled or not) between itswestern wall and its chancel (the part occupied by the ( Full Answer )