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What is Galadriel doing when she holds the company in her gaze?

Galadriel is searching the deepest and darkest corners of their hearts and tempting them with what they desire most. She does this to perceive who is true to Frodo and who is (MORE)
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What is a fixed gaze?

A fixed gaze is the complete opposite of looking around. You are staring, focussed upon something or someone. This is not the same as a "hundred-yard stare" where you look "th (MORE)
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What is gaze adverb or adjective?

The word 'gaze' is a noun (gaze, gazes) and a verb (gaze, gazes, gazing, gazed). Examples: Noun: His gaze followed the plane until it was out of sight. Verb: All I could do w (MORE)

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What is navel fetishness?

  I actually have a navel fetish... I'm under control with it, if I don't think of it for long. But I love the navel. I'll play with it, if I see one. My little sisters us (MORE)

How do you get to navel rock in leafgreen?

The answer is: you can't.. Navel Rock and Birth Island only appear on the map after you visit them. You probably already know that the Seagallop that leaves by Vermillion Cit (MORE)

What is naval gazing?

It has to do with thinking about yourself, possibly at the expense of actually doing anything. I have wondered about the origin of the phrase. One imagines a person staring at (MORE)