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What did the Nazis do?

The answer below is historically incorrect and misleading about thereal intentions of the German Nazi Party. Hitler & the Nazislead Germany to start the Second World War in Eu (MORE)

What did Nazi do?

Nazis were very cruel. They hated Jews, mentally disabled, and muchmore. They were lead by Adolf Hitler, who thought mentally disableddidn't deserve to live.

What was a Nazi?

Nazis (naht-seez, nat-seez) A German political party of the twentieth century, led by Adolf Hitler. The Nazis controlled Germany from the early 1930s until the end of World W (MORE)

What is a nazi'?

Nazis were members of the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nationalsozialistiche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) or NSDAP. The term has become synonymous with evil.

Where were the Nazis from?

The Nazis came from the European country of Germany. The Nazi Partywas also known as the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

What did a nazi do?

Nazi Germany is wrongly known for its aggressive foreign policy. Although , there is no true evidence that the German Empire was wrong during WW1 , after the war , Germans w (MORE)

Who or what is a Nazi?

A Nazi is a person who believes in Nazism, a political belief closely related to Racism - the belief that people of certain physical characteristics are somehow superior to ot (MORE)

What were the Nazis?

The Nazis were members or adherents of the National Socialist German Workers' Party - in German Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP). This was an extreme n (MORE)

What does a Nazi do?

Nazi persecution of the Jews a. In Germany Jews were persecuted with growing intensity from April 1933 onwards. b. 1933: Most Jews were banned from working in the public s (MORE)