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How did the Nazis use propaganda?

Once the Nazi's were in power, they used certain techniques in order to boost their popularity in Nazi Germany among the public. They used certain techniques such as propagand (MORE)

What is a propaganda movement?

Propaganda is the deliberate, systematic attempt to influence large numbers of peoples perceptions, manipulate cognitions and influence behavior to achieve a response that fur (MORE)

What is the definition of propaganda?

Propaganda, also known as propaganda effect, is the phenomenon  according to which when we have heard or read certain statements  repeatedly we more likely consider them as (MORE)

Why was Nazi propaganda effective in indoctrinating working class people in Germany?

Hitler wasn't particularly effective in indoctrinating the working class. Although he named his party the National Socialist Party in order to appeal to the working man, it (MORE)

Why were educated people in Germany falling for Nazi propaganda?

When Hitler came into power he did not promise war and holocaust, but he promised to create a better and more powerful Germany. His passionate "rock star" speech performance (MORE)

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What is flattery propaganda?

Flattery propaganda is used to praise and audience for using a certain product. It is often used with testimonial propaganda which uses a celebrity to advertise it. For examp (MORE)

What is a Nazi?

A member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party, founded in Germany in 1919 and brought to power in 1933 under Adolf Hitler.   A member of the Nationalsozialistis (MORE)

What is propaganda and how can art be used as propaganda?

 Propaganda is a form of communication, often biased or  misleading in nature, aimed at influencing and altering  the attitude of a population toward some cause, position (MORE)

What evidence is there of both the effectiveness of Nazi propaganda and of the soldiers disenchantment?

 "Propaganda tries to force a doctrine on the whole people...  Propaganda works on the general public from the standpoint of an  idea and makes them ripe for the victory o (MORE)