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What is Nazism?

Actually, Nazi is just an acronym for the National Socialist Party, as it is in German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. The term had no negative connotations i (MORE)

Who started nazism?

The Nazi Party was started at the end of World War I. It was originally a small group of small business owners and ex-soldiers in Munich, Germany who shared far right-wing and (MORE)

How did Nazism start?

The party was founded in January 1919 as the DAP. It was established as a hardline right wing nationalist party as a reaction against the Munich Soviet. Initially, it was only (MORE)

What are the characteristics of nazism?

Characteristics of Nazism include totalitarianism, anti-communism,patriotism, statism, and collectivism. Nazism is based on ethnic,racial, cultural, and religious attributes.

What were the Principles of nazism?

1) The ideology of hitler is known as nazism . 2) His autobiography, the "Mein kampf" ( my struggle) shows clearly the principle of nazism . 3) The principle of nazism we (MORE)

What are the beliefs of Nazism?

This is actually quite a complicated question. Nazi-ism is difficult to define because the Nazis and Hitler himself were a party of oppertunism. The goal of the Nazis wa (MORE)

What was the nature of Nazism?

extreme nationalism. imperialism/militarism. anti democracy. anti communism. pro dictatorship. role of women. role of education. paramilitary organisations. propaganda.

Was Nazism a religion?

No Nazism wasn't really a religion. It's actually a political Party made a couple years before WWI and died shortly after. When Adolf Hitler revived Nazism and 2 years before (MORE)

How did Nazism occur?

A great people, at the focus of history for centuries (the Germans) find themselves humbled, bled dry for reparations, and with few prospects for employment or national dignit (MORE)

Who is the opposite of Nazism?

Nazism is a particular name for the type of fascism that existed in Germany, as a governing force from 1933 to 1945. Fascist regimes take many forms, the fascism of Mussolini' (MORE)