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Is nazism right or left politically?

Nazism is a tricky animal. It doesn't easily fit into the traditional "left vs right" system that we love so much. Most political scientists will probably tell you that Nazism (MORE)

Who started nazism?

The Nazi Party was started at the end of World War I. It was originally a small group of small business owners and ex-soldiers in Munich, Germany who shared far right-wing and (MORE)

What is Nazism and Fascism?

Nazism' is the name given to the dominant group of fascists who  ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945. 'Fascism' is the term used to  denote political parties and/or leaders who (MORE)

What are the characteristics of nazism?

Characteristics of Nazism include totalitarianism, anti-communism,  patriotism, statism, and collectivism. Nazism is based on ethnic,  racial, cultural, and religious attrib (MORE)

Is nazism Illegal?

In Germany and Austria, it is constitutionally forbidden. Germany's supreme court even has the power to ban political parties that are too similar to the Nazi Party (the court (MORE)

Is Neo Nazism illegal?

It is not illegal to be affiliated with neo-Nazi groups, but it is illegal to distribute pro-Nazi literature/propaganda.
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What were the Principles of nazism?

1) The ideology of hitler is known as nazism . 2) His autobiography, the "Mein kampf" ( my struggle) shows clearly the principle of nazism . 3) The principle of nazism we (MORE)

Why did nazism flourish?

Nazism flourished for several reasons in Germany under Hitler. One reason was because you had the people who where seeking power and they thought that was the was to go for it (MORE)

Was Nazism a religion?

No Nazism wasn't really a religion. It's actually a political Party made a couple years before WWI and died shortly after. When Adolf Hitler revived Nazism and 2 years before (MORE)

How do you spell nazism?

There are two accepted spellings: Nazism and Naziism (following the Nazi principles, or the Nazi Party). The form with one I is usually pronounced (nat-sism) while the form wi (MORE)