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How do you get drafted into the NBA?

You have to be a basketball player with alot of potential and had a great college career. Then you hire an agent and show yourself off to intrested teams before the draft. Hop (MORE)

How will you get drafted on to the NBA?

To get drafted into the NBA, you have to be very good at basketball. You have to stand out to NBA scouts, and NBA teams will look at your statistics. You have a better chance (MORE)

What is the NBA draft combine?

The NBA draft combine is a combine in Chicago, Illinois that takes place every year before the actual NBA draft. It allows players to increase their stock by showing how good (MORE)
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Who came out the draft of 2003 nba draft?

A lot of people came out of the 2003 NBA draft, here are just a few of the names and the teams they first played for: Carmelo Anthony (Denver) Chris Bosh (Toronto) Chris (MORE)

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