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Is the NBC show Chuck canceled?

No. Season 3 is slated to premiere January 9th, 2010 in a 2 hour premiere on that Sunday, followed by the regular one hour show the day after.
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Why does NBC use a peacock?

NBC uses a peacock logo as a reference to its color broadcast of the Rose Bowl parade in 1954. NBC had greater access to color television technology than its competitors becau (MORE)

Why was Stone Phillips fired by NBC?

  Stone Phillips was not "fired" by NBC in the classic sense. Rather, his contract was not renewed because executives at NBC could not justify the cost of having two ancho (MORE)

Is NBC liberal?

You bet your bib NBC is liberal. I believe every employee must be required to take an oath that he/she is liberal and promise to support other flaming liberals. Show me a comp (MORE)

Who owns NBC universal?

General Electric and Vivendi owned NBC Universal until December of 2009 when it was announced that the FCC and DOJ approved a buyout by Comcast. Comcast became the official ma (MORE)

When was NBC formed?

NBC was formed in the year 1926by the Radio Corporation of America or the RCA and was known to be the first major broadcast service in the US. In the year 1986, NBC came under (MORE)