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What is an nco?

A Non Commissioned Officer is an enlisted man with rank above others. He could be a Corporal, a Sergeant, a Petty officer, or any number of other ranks, but he does not carry (MORE)

What is the molecular geometry of NCO 1-?

According to the assignment of formal charges, N should be 0, C is 0 and O is -1. This is the most stable bonding between the atoms as O is the most electronegative hence it s (MORE)

What is the name for a senior NCO?

NCOs serving in the top three enlisted grades (E-7, E-8, and E-9)are termed senior non-commissioned officers (Chief Petty Officersin the Navy and Coast Guard). In the US Army (MORE)
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How can you apply at nco?

you can go to their office. if you are living near Clark, Angeles. you can go to philexcel business park from 9am - 3pm. just bring a complete resume and a valid i.d.

What is nco?

Answer 1 . I belive that when they are measuring the watertemperature in the ocean that they use NCO'S, to make sure that thethermometer will not break under the pressure of t (MORE)

What is an USAF NCO?

In the US Air Force a NCO is a non-commissioned officer. This title carries the name Sergeant in it somewhere like Staff Sergeant, Senior Master Sergeant. The rank currently s (MORE)
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How do you become an NCO?

Be proficient at your job, demonstrate that you have the ability to lead, take whatever courses/classes you can to give yourself an edge, be able to pass a promotion board, ke (MORE)
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What is the punishment for hitting a NCO in the army?

The service member could be charged with Disorderly Conduct, Conduct unbecoming a Service Member, Striking a Superior, Assaulting an NCO. The SM could be charged with any or a (MORE)

What is a NCO in a war?

Non - Commissioned Officer A non-commissioned officer (NCO) is contrasted with a commissioned officer. Commissioned officers are made so by an official document, a (MORE)