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Who does Eminem admire?

Eminem admires his uncle Ronnie who passed as a teenager. He is inspired by LL Cool J, Dr. Dre, Run DMC, his late friend and fellow rapper Proof and many other rappers in the (MORE)
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What is adjective of admire?

The adjective forms for the verb to admire are the present  participle, admiring (admiring glances,  admiring fans) and the past participle,  admired (an admired leader, an (MORE)

Who or what is a secret admirer?

A secret admireris a petrson who is in love with someone but  never tels the person. Instead choosing to send them things such as  cards, chocolates, flowers and gifts annon (MORE)

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Who is my secret admirer?

  it means that you have a crush on somone but it is a secret .
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What is the opposite of admire?

The opposite could be to scorn, to detest, or to abhor. (they indicate responses to a bad reputation, just as despise is the opposite of like)
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What do you do if you have a secret admirer?

  Wait it out and see if the person is willing to make themselves known to you or not. Having a secret admirer is sort of cute if you're both young and in school, but it t (MORE)

Why do you admire someone?

People admire others when particular characteristics are upheld.  For example, if a persons work ethic is strong and you find this  appealing, you may admire them for their (MORE)