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Is avascular necrosis caused by diabetes?

Avascular necrosis best known as osteonecrosis today, means bone death from lack of blood supply and is usually due to interuption of supply because the main arteries are dama (MORE)

What is necrosis?

death of tissue yes, it is in fact that, but there are different stages based on different causes. A spider bite can cause a less severe but pretty severe type of necrosis. I (MORE)

What is the difference between apoptosis and necrosis?

Apoptosis is cell death via shrinkage, whereas oncotic necrosis is cell death via swelling. The term necrosis was used for cell death before these two different processes (s (MORE)
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What is the diagnosis of coagulative necrosis?

Coagulative necrosis is a histopathological diagnosis, meaning a sample of the tissue was taken and placed on a microscope slide then evaluated by a trained veterinary patholo (MORE)
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What is an example of necrosis?

  Answer   one example of necrosis is the blackening of the skin on or around the bite site of locsosiles reclusa(brown recluse spider). the area will become extremel (MORE)
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What is necrosis-?

The word necrosis is defined as the death of organs or tissue. This  can be caused by a disease or an injury, but is always due to loss  of blood supply to the area.

What can cause necrosis and what does necrosis look like?

Necrosis can be caused by external or internal factors. External  factors include blood vessels damage, mechanical trauma, and  ischemia. Extremely high or low temperature c (MORE)