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What is considered neglect?

When the other ignores you. Doesn't listen to what you have to say. Doesn't care what you think or do. In other terms a bad boyfriend/ girlfriend.

What is emotional neglect?

It is when someone doesn't treat you well enough mentally or emotionally or when you are in a relationship with someone but they don't do things to remind You they love you an (MORE)

What is salutary neglect?

This means to not enforce laws, particularly where the enforcement may have counterproductive results. It is often used to describe the British policy of leniency in dealng (MORE)
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A sentence for neglect?

He knew he couldn't neglect the child. Neglect your post for personal reasons, and you're fired. Neglect was a feeling he never wanted to feel.

What is gross neglect?

Gross negligence is a legal concept which means serious carelessness. Negligence is the opposite of diligence, or being careful. The standard of ordinary negligence is what c (MORE)
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Are koalas neglected?

Yes. They need more hugs. If you ever see a koala approach it and offer yourself to the koala.