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Why do dogs get neglected?

Dogs get neglected because some people are as dumb as hell and don't realize what amazing creatures they are!
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What does neglect mean?

1. To pay no attention or too little attention to 2. To be remiss in the care or treatment of e.g. to neglect one's family, to neglect one's appearance. 3. To omit, throug (MORE)
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How do you prove neglect?

These elements may be proved by direct evidence alone, such as the child victim's testimony; but usually additional evidence, such as expert testimony, is needed to establish (MORE)
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How do you spell neglection?

The spelling "neglection" is a less-used form of the noun neglect , or of negligence .
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What is contralateral neglect?

Contralateral neglect is a disturbance of the patient's ability to respond to stimuli on the side of the body opposite (contralateral) to the side of brain lesion, in the abse (MORE)
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Is neglect a noun?

Yes, the word neglect is both a verb (neglect, neglects, neglecting, neglected) and a noun (uncountable). Examples: Verb: Please ignore the mess, we neglect the housework w (MORE)
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What is mortgage neglect?

For too long the responsibility for protecting consumers has been fragmented among various federal regulators whose primary focus was the safety and soundness of the banking s (MORE)
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What is the noun of neglect?

The word neglect is a verb and it is also a noun. You determine this from context.
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What is salutary neglect -?

Salutary neglect is beneficial noninterference. Sometimes people do better if you just leave them alone and let them do their thing.