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What is a negligence suit?

A negligence lawsuit is a personal injury lawsuit involving a person that acted in a irresponsible or "negligent" manner that resulted in the injury or death of another person (MORE)
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What is vehicular negligence?

  Vehicular Negligence is failure to operate a vehicle in a comprehensive and safe manner, causing property damage, injury and/or death.
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Is Massachusetts a comparative negligent state?

Yes, Massachusetts is a comparative negligence state with a 51% bar. This means if it is determined that a plaintiff is the cause of the tort by 51%, he or she does not recove (MORE)
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What is the plural form of the word negligence?

'Negligence' is an abstract noun and does not take a plural form. You could refer to 'several instances of negligence' or 'numerous examples of negligence' or 'many types of n (MORE)

What is criminally negligent homicide?

It occupies a classification between pre-meditated murder and manslaughter. It means that whatever action caused the death, it was so negligent that it could have been expecte (MORE)

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What is a tort of negligence?

  The tort of negligence is applied where there has been a duty of care owed to one party that has been breached by a second party, and that has lead to damage being suffe (MORE)

What is negligance?

Negligence happens when one is not being careful or is reckless to  the point someone is harmed. This term is used in accident and  injury cases very often.

How are nurse Practitioners negligent?

When illness or injury forces you to see a doctor or go to the  hospital, you can generally be sure that a medical professional's  years of experience and training will resu (MORE)