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What happens to neil pearts old drum kits?

  Answer   Back in 1987 Modern Drummer had a contest,drummers had to submit a taped solo performace and the top three Won Neils Candy Red Tama,and the Slingerland Ki (MORE)

Is Neil Peart a Christian?

Probably not. Neil Peart was raised in a Christian home, but as time went by, he moved away from organized religion. He has said he is a libertarian politically, but he has no (MORE)

Who is neil peart?

Neil is the drummer for Canadian rock band Rush. Many fans believe he is the greatest drummer of this generation.
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How do you contact Neil Peart by letter?

I went on the official RUSH web site( for you, & i found the following information that i think you will find very useful: RUSH my space page( (MORE)

Is Neil Peart from the band rush dead?

No, you may be thinking of John Rutsey, who was the first drummer with Rush. He died in 2008. But the current drummer, Neil Peart, has been with the band since 1974 and is ver (MORE)

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Does Neil Peart have arthritis?

I have not heard that Neil has arthritis. He has ear infectionsfrom time to time, but it is Alex (not Neil) who has said ininterviews that he sometimes has arthritis.
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What country was Neil Peart born in?

Neil Peart is from Canada. He was born in Hamilton, Ontario in1952, and was raised in Port Dalhousie, which is a community of St.Catherines (also in Ontario). These days, he l (MORE)


Not that I know of. In June 2014, a blog made that claim, but nobody at Rush's management has ever confirmed it, so at this point, it still sounds like a rumor (or a wish). Th (MORE)