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What are nematocysts?

Nematocysts are the miniscule capsules that a jellyfish's tentacles contain. They are the tiny needles that jellies use to capture and paralyze prey.
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What is a nematocyst?

s a type of venomous cell unique to the phylum Cnidaria (corals, sea anemones, hydrae, jellyfish, etc.). The cnidocyte cell provides a means for them to catch prey and defend (MORE)
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Does nematocyst move?

Yes. These capsules allow them to fire from the Operculum as a means of self-defense or to immobilize prey.
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What are nematocysts and what do they help cnidarians do?

Nematocysts are the stinging cells on tentacles of a cnidarian, like a jellyfish. Since jellyfish don't have any teeth, and their body consists of gelatin, it's hard to captur (MORE)
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What causes a nematocyst to discharge?

Nematocyst discharge is triggered by an immediate approach or a foreign stimulus. When the cell is discharged, a brand new nematocyst is created as the system in each cell can (MORE)
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What are nematocysts and how do they work?

It is a cell that can be found on the tentacles of jellyfish. Theyhelp jellyfish alot because jellyfish don't have teeth, a jaw, orprotective body parts so the nematocyst cell (MORE)
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What do nematocyst eat?

actually nematocysts are stinging cells/ srtuctures of organisms of the Phylum Cnidaria such as corals, jellyfish, sea anemones to name a few. it's used to capture prey and re (MORE)