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How did the Persian Empire overthrew the Babylonian Empire?

Persia did not have an empire before it took over the Babylonian  Empire.    It was a subsidiary kingdom to the Medes. Under King Cyrus the  Great, took Media over, a (MORE)

What weaknesses did the Neo-Babyloian empire have?

The neo-Babylonian Empire is not known for any built-in weaknesses, other than its mere size which made it more difficult to govern in a time of primitive communications and t (MORE)

What were the contributions of the Babylonian Empire to the spread of Christianity?

Since the Babylonian Empire ceased to exist in 539 BCE, its contribution to the spread of Christianity can only be indirect. The Jewish diaspora began as a result of the Babyl (MORE)

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Who conquered th babylonian empire in 539 B.C?

In October 539 BCE, the Persian king Cyrus took  Babylon, the ancient capital of an oriental empire  covering modern Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Israel. In a broader  sense, (MORE)