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What is platonic love?

  This is a love that friends have between each other, regardless of gender. Usually, it is used to describe a close friendship between two members of the opposite gender, (MORE)
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What is platonism?

  Platonism is the view that there exist abstract (that is, non-spatial, non-temporal) objects. Because abstract objects are wholly non-spatiotemporal, it follows that the (MORE)
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What is platonic metaphysics?

Platonism is the view that there exist such things as abstract  objects. An abstract object is an object that does not exist in  space or time.

What does platonic mean?

It means coming from the works of the Greek philosopher Plato. It is usually used in two expressions: "Platonic love" or "Platonic friendship" which means a loving or friendly (MORE)

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What is meant by neo platonism?

Neoplatonism is based on the teachings of Plato and early Platonist. Neoplatonism is a modern term for Mystical Philosophy that came about in the 3rd Century.
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