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What was the neolithic revolution?

The Neolithic revolution was when agriculture and herding replaced  migratory hunting and gathering as the dominant lifestyle of human  societies. About 12,000 years ago, a (MORE)

What is Another name for Neolithic Revolution?

Some people would call it the new stone age, but that is absolutely incorrect. The neolithic revolution is actually called the agriculture revolution, because people started g (MORE)

How did Neolithic people trade?

"People trade to get resources they didn't have in their own area. As Neolithic people became more skilled in there crafts, they wanted materials to improve the strength and b (MORE)

What is the opposite of Neolithic age?

'Neolithic' is actually a reference to a time frame which comes  from the Classical Greek meaning 'New stone'. I'll put the two  words at the bottom for you. However there i (MORE)