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What are the complications of neonatal sepsis?

Pneumonia is more common in early-onset sepsis, whereas meningitis and bacteremia are more common in late-onset sepsis. Premature and ill infants are more susceptible to sepsi (MORE)

What is neonatal?

  A neonate is a newly-born baby, and neonatal is the adjective used to refer to anything (usually hospital-related) that is to do with newborn babies up to a few weeks of (MORE)

Methods for Monitoring a Neonatal Heart Rate

Neonatal heart rate is an important vital sign to monitor throughout your pregnancy, giving an indication of an unborn child's development and overall health. Technology has e (MORE)

What Is an Oximeter and How Does Pulse Oximetry Work?

Pulse oximetry is a non-invasive technique used to measure blood oxygen levels. Health care professionals often employ pulse oximetry in surgical recovery and throughout a pat (MORE)

External Fetal Monitoring Explained

External fetal monitoring is a common procedure for pregnant women. You generally experience EFM as part of a non-stress test after your 20th week of pregnancy. Its purpose is (MORE)

At what age should you take a puppy from its mother?

The sight of a worried mother searching frantically for her missing pup is not one that is likely forgotten so for a first timer, choosing the right time and also the right wa (MORE)

Hazards of a neonatal nurse?

Hazards of being a neonatal nurse include the heartbreak of seeing  tiny infants sick and dying. There are also long hours and  difficult working conditions.