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What does a level 2 neonatal nurse do?

Level II nurses care for prematurely born babies or those with complications that require constant attention. They also may provide oxygen to improve respiration or intravenou (MORE)
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What are the symptoms of neonatal lupus?

Babies with neonatal lupus will have a skin rash that will go away within six months or less. Some babies with neonatal lupus will have congenital heart block that requires a (MORE)
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Can tobramycin eye drops be used for neonates?

in newnates, watery fluid eyes or yellowish or greenish coloured glites appear in eyes TObramycine eye drops can be used. THe dose should be 1_2 drops day and night and used o (MORE)

What are the complications of neonatal sepsis?

Pneumonia is more common in early-onset sepsis, whereas meningitis and bacteremia are more common in late-onset sepsis. Premature and ill infants are more susceptible to sepsi (MORE)

How long does it take to be a neonatal doctor?

From your undergraduate education to medical school, residency, and  fellowship, it takes roughly 14 years to become a neonatal doctor.  Salaries for neonatologists range fr (MORE)