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What is a neonatal doctor?

Answer Neonatologist cares for the baby after it was born and the parents took it home. The person that is the doctor the very first time it has a check up when it is a few d ( Full Answer )
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What is a neonatal nurse?

A neonatal nurse is a nurse that takes care of babies immediately after they are born.
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What is neonatal?

A neonate is a newly-born baby, and neonatal is the adjective used to refer to anything (usually hospital-related) that is to do with newborn babies up to a few weeks of age.
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What is a neonatal surgeon?

A neonatal surgeon is a neonatologist who specializes in surgery.These medical doctors specialize in the care of infants, andfurther specialize in performing surgery on infant ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference in neonatal and neonatal nurse?

\n . \nNeonatal refers to a baby at a certain age range and Neonatal Nurse is a nurse who specialized in caring and providing for the baby in that age range.
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How old is neonatal?

Babies are considered to be neonates, or in the neonatal stage, from the time of birth until they are about 4 weeks old.
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What are neonatals wages?

Neonatal is the description given to a baby in a certain age range. They earn no wages at all. The wages earned by neonatal nurses varies by age, experience, geographic area a ( Full Answer )
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What are neonatal nurese?

A neonatal nurse is a nurse that works with premature babies. Theywill vary in gestational age, and they will all have special needs.
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Is Neonatal communicable?

The neonatal period refers to the first few weeks of a babies life. Communicable could be defined as the transmission of something, eg an infection, from one person to another ( Full Answer )
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What is neonatal jaundice?

Neonatal jaundice (or hyperbilirubinemia) is a higher-than-normal level of bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is a by-product of the breakdown of red blood cells.