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What are the advantages and disadvantages of nepotism in hiring employees?

Some of the advantages of nepotism when hiring employees include  the fact that you are hiring someone that you know well, and  someone that you can hopefully trust. Disadva (MORE)

What is the result of nepotism in state of Hawaii employment?

I have worked at the state hospital for 20 years. I can only answer your question in regards to the hospital. Nepotism is at over 60% and the director of nursing just hired he (MORE)

What are nepotism and simony?

A:   These were systemic abuses within the Catholic Church:    Nepotism involved granting important church positions to the  illegitimate children and family membe (MORE)

Make a sentence with word nepotism?

After hiring his mother, brother, sister, and uncle, citizens petitioned to remove the mayor from office for nepotism. People speak of political figures hiring "cronies" as a (MORE)

What causes nepotism?

In actual fact nepotism is an act of appointing relatives of one on the posts where they are not experienced for and the outsiders are sidelined.It is mainly caused by selfish (MORE)
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What is vulnerability to nepotism?

-I chose a family tree as an icon for this problem(s)/weaknesses of Bureaucracy in the Philippines. As we all know the "kamag-anak" mentally is usually the scenario in the sys (MORE)

What can you do to remedy nepotism in your workplace?

This question regards the incidence of hiring relatives rather than  competitive and merit based processes. Internally policies that  discourage or forbid nepotism can be en (MORE)

How was nepotism ended by the early church?

The word nepotism is from the Latin word nepos, meaning "nephew" or "grandchild" and is used to mean the granting of favours or privileges to relatives or friends, regardless (MORE)