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What makes a nerd?

-A nerd is someone who prefers homework to TV and would rather play X-box than go on a date with Madonna -There are a lot of things that make a 'nerd'. Here is a list of a f (MORE)

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What is a Nerd?

A "nerd" is a person who shows great interest in intellectual abilities, rather than popular or faddish interests. Nerds are often depicted as boring, but are usually more int (MORE)

What does 'nerd' mean?

  weird freaky awkward math freak loving school good grades all the time dress weird glasses really weird laugh snorts a lot no 'cool' friends gets b (MORE)

What does nerd means?

  Nerd is a term for a smart person who is into things classified as "nerdy", including computer programming, doing other peoples homework, playing dungeons and dragons, e (MORE)
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How do you know if a nerd likes you?

I've had a nerd like me and the things he did was he hugged me every single day before I left class. EVERY SINGLE DAY! I often found him liking every status I posted on facebo (MORE)

What do nerds wear?

anything that is nerdy. Wanna know what I mean? Let me elaborate.... Anything from glasses with huge black rims with tacky tape in the middle, to pulled-up high khaki pants. (MORE)

How can a nerd get a girlfriend?

I'm not gonna tell you the be your self story, but ask dudes that know her, what she likes, learn about those things and go in for the kill.
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