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Who was Nero?

He was a dictator in Rome. He started the great fire in Rome, and blamed it on Christians. Later, members of Senate and the army rebelled, and he came down from his reign.. H ( Full Answer )
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When did Nero fiddle?

\nIt's an expression to show that Nero was a terrible, selfish emperor of Rome. The expression is "When Rome was burning, Nero fiddled." Rome had a huge fire and burned down w ( Full Answer )
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What did Nero do?

Nero is one of the most underrated of Roman emperors. Of course, by ancient standards he was decadent and that was because he appeared on stage and liked art and literature ra ( Full Answer )
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How did Nero lead?

Nero really only had one challenge which required leadership and that was the fire of 64. In that situation he conducted affairs admirably by taking charge of the aftereffects ( Full Answer )
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Why is Nero murderous?

Nero was called evil because during his reign of Ancient Rome, he set fire to the entire city of Rome and watched it burn, as some said he played his fiddle. He blamed the fir ( Full Answer )
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Who was the advisor to nero?

Nero had several ad-visors of note, the first being his mother, Agrippina the Younger. Seneca, Burrus, and Tigelinus were three others.
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How do you uninstall Nero in on?

To Uninstall Nero , like uninstalling many other programs, it concerns two aspects: Files and Registry. Conducting the standard procedure can generally wipe out all related fi ( Full Answer )
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What does Nero do for your computer?

Nero is a commercial brand of DVD/CD burning software. It is often bundled with computers as part of the bundled software packages they provide and is often branded to only wo ( Full Answer )
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Who was in rule after Nero?

Galba had a brief rule after Nero. He was overthrown and replaced by Otho, who in turn was overthrown and replaced by Vitallius who then was overthrown and replaced by Vespasi ( Full Answer )
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Was Nero a Jew?

No. Nero was the emperor of Rome during the time but he began tofeel that Romans didn't see he was a musician and poet so he oftenvisited Greece over Rome. He killed his own m ( Full Answer )