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Is the Word network a Christian network?

No. In my personal belief they are not. The shows are basically paid for by the person or "ministry". They have show on the network that the people say they are Profits of the (MORE)

Why does a network need a network server?

When we send a data to server or access the data their will be must  a network.Through network we access the data and save the data to  the File server or cloud server.
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What do networks do?

A network, in the broadest sense, is a path or paths of interconnections between sources of information or data. Networks exist to move information around, often times across (MORE)

What is networking and types of networking?

A communication in between two or more computers is called a network..and the process of making network is called networking..there are three basic Types of networking..1) LAN (MORE)

What is internet. Why is it called network of networks?

The internet is a global network of computers. It is called a network of networks because rather than having one layer where all computers are connected together on the same l (MORE)
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What is network?

Answer In Information Technology- A network is a group of computers that both share and receive data from one another. A really good example of this is the Internet.    (MORE)

What is a network explain the advantages of networking?

A network is a collection of computers that are able to communicate with one another. Most homes with a high speed internet connection have a network. The advantages of a (MORE)

What is networking?

To interact or engage in informal communication with others for mutual assistance or support. Networkng is the product of the connection of PC terminals, client, and service. (MORE)