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Disadvantages of Neural Network?

1. They are black box - that is the knowledge of its internal working is never known 2. To fully implement a standard neural network architecture would require lots of compu (MORE)

What is neural network?

The word neural is associated with the brain. A neural network is a  computer system or interface that is linked to the brain or  neurological system.

What are the major benefits of neural networks?

  Benefits of Neural Networks Nonlinearly -- Important for inherently nonlinear signals. Mapping input signals to desired response - supervised learning. Adaptively (MORE)

Advantage and disadvantage of neural network?

Advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Neural Network Advantages: · A neural network can perform tasks that a linear program cannot. · When an element of the neural n (MORE)

What is the difference between biological neural network and artificial neural network?

Your brain is a neural net, which is a class of computing architectures. Neural nets can be made out of neurons along with supporting brain cells, or out of electronics, or wi (MORE)

What is learning rate in neural network?

The learning rate is a constant in the algorithm of a neural network that affects the speed of learning. It will apply a smaller or larger proportion of the current adjustment (MORE)

What is the human neural network?

  Life Is Simpler Than They Tell Us   Evolution:   Genes to Genomes to Monocellular to Multicellular Organisms;   Direct Sunlight to Metabolic Energy, Too;   T (MORE)