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What is clinical neuropsychology?

Clinical neuropsychology is a discipline of psychology that specialises in the clinical assessment and treatment of patients with brain injury or neurocognitive deficits. (MORE)

What does a neuropsychologis t do?

The majority of Neuropsychologists work in laboratories to study the brain functions of healthy humans or to monitor the effects of experimental pharmaceutical drugs. Others w (MORE)

Is there a neuropsychological test for bipolar in children?

Sorry, no there is no objective test that can be done on anyone (child or adult) for Bipolar Disorder. It is only diagnosable by subjective observation of symptoms (given in t (MORE)
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What does a neuropsychological assessment test cost?

A better question is "What does a neuropsychological assessment cost"? An assessment (conducted only by a professional neuropsychologist) normally includes a series of brief (MORE)