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What is anxiety neurosis?

"neurosis" is an antiquated term.. Anxiety Disorder (formerly anxiety neurosis) is a diagnosis made by a physician when a patient exhibits certain specific symptoms and other (MORE)

How can you get neurosis?

You get neurosis from childhood emotional trauma i believe. I'm not a doctor but i did read it somewhere. i feel i am neurotic as i suffer anxiety and insecurity. the trauma c (MORE)

How to cure neurosis?

Neurosis is cured by pshycotherapy...People who can help you are psychiatrists and psychologist...Psychiatrist will work with problems involving illness and will give you medi (MORE)
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What is combat neurosis?

battle fatigue     a term used to denote psychiatric illness consequent to the stresses of battle. Syn: shell shock, postraumatic stress disorder
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What causes neurosis?

Neurosis consists of irrational thoughts and acts that cause significant harm to one's self or others. But what causes neurosis? The humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow ga (MORE)

What is technology neurosis?

There is a theory that technology creates neurosis. Neurosis is  generally defined as an irrational anxiety. Technology neurosis is  said to cause social isolation.