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Where is Neurosurgery in Lahore?

Most of the teaching and private hospitals have the facility of neurosurgery. The best place in the city I would say be Services institute of medical sciences and services hos (MORE)

What types of neurosurgery are there?

There are five general categories of neurosurgical diseases that are commonly managed by neurosurgeons: cerebrovascular (hemorrhage and aneurysms), traumatic head injury (THI) (MORE)
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How much does a degree in neurosurgery cost?

Four years of college at 25,000/year (low end) =$100,000; four years of medical school estimated at $34,000 (median)=$136,000; Plus licensing fees, certification fees, and a s (MORE)

What is pediatric neurosurgery?

 Pediatric neurosurgeons concentrate on the special surgical  problems of children involving the brain, spine or peripheral  nerves. We care for infants, children, and ado (MORE)
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Is neurosurgery hard?

There's gotta be alot of hard work and studying involved. In Australia the time span is approx. 15-17 years of studying, residency and exam taking until your finally qaulified (MORE)

What is a sentence for neurosurgery?

Dr. Jamison is the head of the neurosurgery department at St. Mary's hospital. He has been diagnosed with brain tumor and he'll need neurosurgery as soon as possible.
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Neurosurgery or neurobiology?

This cannot be answered. I am not understanding what you are  wanting to known about neurosurgery and neurology.