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What is the neutrality act of 1937?

  Neutrality Act of 1937 still had the mandatory arms embargo which meant that the United States could not sell arms to nations at war or carry arms in U.S ship for other (MORE)

What were the Neutrality Acts of 1935-37?

The Neutrality Acts of 1935-37 were three pieces of American legislation passed by Congress at the beginnings of WWII meant to keep America out of any more foreign wars. The f (MORE)

When did the neutrality act start?

There were 3 neutrality acts.   The first one was in 1935, the second in 1936, and the third in 1937.   Neutrality act of 1935-no shipment to countries at war.   Neut (MORE)

1793 neutrality act?

When war was declared between France and England in 1793, Washington took Hamilton's view that the United States should completely disregard the treaty of alliance with France (MORE)
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What were the Neutrality Acts of 1953?

The Neutrality Acts of 1953 forbade the sale of munitions to all belligerents whenever the president should proclaim that a state of war existed. Neutrality acts was legislati (MORE)

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