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What is neutralism?

An organism and another organism won't do anything to each other,like a tarantula and a cactus,or to make it simple,a person surfing the net and someone napping(This thing nor (MORE)

What is neutral?

adj talking no part on either side; of no decidecharacter; having no decided color ;

What are neutrals?

Neutrals in chemistry refer to a special type of substances. Thesesubstances are special because they are neither a base nor acid butin the middle of the two. Their pH levels (MORE)

What are neutral oxides?

Neutral Oxides are non-metal oxides which do not react with acids or bases. All neutral oxides are monoxides (e.g. Carbon monoxide) Neutral Oxides are those oxides which on (MORE)

Why neutral is called neutral?

This comment applies to 3 phase, interior building transformers: The "home" voltage (120/240) can be considered to be "two thirds" of the options described below, even though (MORE)

Is H2O neutral?

Water is a universal neutral solvent that can dissolve most organic and inorganic compounds. Water is very neutral because of the low proton ion in the compound. Moreover, hyd (MORE)

What is neutral steer?

Racing In my opinion Neutral steer in a racing sense does not truly exist. A car can not be set up to be truly neutral as the corner entry speed, the way the driver tran (MORE)

Is KBr neutral?

It is neutral. Molecules containing elements on opposite sides of the periodic table (basic elements and acidic elements) are neutral. Unless it's H because H is acidic by def (MORE)
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What is the neutralism?

In terms of the English language, the term neutralism means an advocacy of maintaining a non-biased approach. Neutralism was originally used between 1570 and 1580.
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