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What are neutral oxides?

Neutral Oxides are non-metal oxides which do not react with acids or bases. All neutral oxides are monoxides (e.g. Carbon monoxide) Neutral Oxides are those oxides which on co (MORE)

What is neutral floating?

This could mean a couple of different things.   At some point in the power distribution system, the neutral bus is normally tied to the ground bus. If the neutral is not gr (MORE)

Are molecules neutral?

  yes   Stable Molecule Loss   Fragments resulting from the loss of stable neutral molecules like H2, H2O, CO, CO2, HCN, N2, HF, HCl, and HBr are common. Loss of a (MORE)
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What are neutral fats?

When Fatty acids are not in readymade use, they are stored as triacylglycerols or triglycerides. Since they can be utilized for the future fuel requirements, they are termed a (MORE)

What is a neutralizer?

A chemical that, when added to another chemical, will change the pH  to neutral.
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What is neutral message?

A neutral message is a message that doesn't support a certain group. It is a fair speech takes effect on all groups in a equal matter.
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Why is zero neutral?

basically zero is neutral, because its nor positive nor negative. its also in between positive and negative integers.
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What is neutralizing shampoo?

A neutralizing shampoo takes all of the oils out of the hair. It  puts the hair in its most natural state. A neutralizing shampoo  should be used once a week to wash away im (MORE)
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Is KBr neutral?

It is neutral. Molecules containing elements on opposite sides of the periodic table (basic elements and acidic elements) are neutral. Unless it's H because H is acidic by def (MORE)