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Is neutralism a religion?

Yes, Agnostic Neutralism is a form of anti-religion in which (as a broad description) one believes that there is no definitive proof of either the existence of a(ny) deity(ies (MORE)
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What is a neutral pier?

In a mall is the element between each store, is a segment of a wall with ornamental elements and help consumers to define the limits of the store.
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What is the purpose of the neutral?

On a single phase supply the neutral is one of the current carrying  wires, the other one being the live wire.    The neutral is earthed at the tansformer and sometime (MORE)
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How do you neutralize alcohol?

I presume you are referring to ethyl alcohol, the one in beer, wine  and spirits. It is already neutral, so this is unnecessary. (Its pH  is about 7.33, but that wouldn't sh (MORE)

What is a neutralizer?

A chemical that, when added to another chemical, will change the pH  to neutral.
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What is neutral used for?

Just like it says - it's nothing or in between something. In the old straight shift transmissions vehicle you put it in neutral to crank it or tow it or roll down a hill then (MORE)
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What is a neutral solution?

A neutral solution can refer to many things, though I assume you mean in terms of pH. Neutral solutions have a pH of 7. Pure water has this pH value.

Where is neutral connected?

Electrical power is transported across distribution wires to supply transformers. The voltage of the distribution wires is significantly higher than either the 240V or 120V th (MORE)