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What is a neutrino?

Neutrinos are elementary particles that travel close to the speed of light, lack an electric charge, are able to pass through ordinary matter almost undisturbed and are thus e (MORE)

What are neutrinos?

Neutrinos are subatomic particles, which exist in three "flavours" - the electron, muon and tao neutrino (listed in order of increasing ass); each of these also has a respecti (MORE)

What does a neutrinos do?

Neutrinos are very small, neutral particles. Being as such, they have very limited reactions with matter, and pass right through it. In effect, they don't do much of anything. (MORE)

How are Neutrinos are created?

Neutrinos are created in Beta - and Beta + radioactive decay reactions. They are massless, chargeless particles and are extremely difficult to detect.
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What is a neutrino bomb?

I linked an article below that describes a rather unscientific theory of mass extinction resulting from a so-called "Neutrino Bomb;" one of the effects caused by a "silent" st (MORE)
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Neutrinos are a by-product of?

Neutrinos are a product of beta decay. Some number of protons and some number of neutrons are in the nucleus of an atom. When a neutron decays, it turns into a proton, an elec (MORE)

Are neutrinos dangerous?

No, they are so small they barely interact with matter - in the region of 10 billion pass through the area the size of your fingernail every second!
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What are neutrinos-?

Neutrinos are subatomic particles with half-integral spin, and a  mass close to zero, seldom reacting with normal matter, common with  tau particle, electrons, and muon.