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Does Neutrogena work?

yes. for some people no. Beware of Neutrogena Skinid. If you return your initial order, you need to call to cancel your account. Otherwise they will send another shipment a (MORE)

What is the neutrogena wave?

The neutrogena wave is a power cleanser that not only massages your face, but eliminates tiny blackheads and other little pimples. Some say it's a gimmick, but if you really t (MORE)

Does neutrogena acne wash work?

It depends on your skin type. It't not the best for your skin because it doesn't perform as long as it should. Do not use if you have an oily face or dry skin. The Wave works (MORE)

Does neutrogena help acne problems?

Neutrogena is a good brand with many options for skin with acne. It works really well for some people, but doesn't work for others. It depends on your skin type(dry, oily, etc (MORE)
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Is neutrogena a singular noun?

The word Neutrogena is a singular, proper noun; the name of a product, a registered trademark of the Neutrogena Corporation. There is no plural form for this noun; multiple un (MORE)