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What causes Neutropenia?

Neutropenia (having too few neutrophils) could be caused by:   * Decreased erythrocyte production   * Premature destruction of white blood cells   * Sequestration and (MORE)

How neutropenia related with anorexia and weakness?

Neutropenia is a hematological disorder in which the body has a very low count of neutrophils which are the most important type of white blood cells that make up 50%-70% of th (MORE)
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How is neutropenia diagnosed?

Diagnosis is made on the basis of a white blood cell count and differential. The cause of neutropenia is often difficult to establish and depends on a combination of the patie (MORE)
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What is the treatment for neutropenia?

Treatment of neutropenia depends on the underlying cause. Medications: Patients with fever and other signs of infection are treated for seven to 10 days with antibiotics. Nutr (MORE)

Where can you get travel insurance with neutropenia?

Most travel insurance coverage does not include coverage for cancellation for pre-existing conditions. However, some, such as TravelSafe, waive the pre-existing condition clau (MORE)