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Who was mr Neville?

Mr Neville was an chief protector of Aborigines in Australia, he made all the laws and was in charge of taking away the mixed race Aboriginal-Australian children. He thought t (MORE)
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Who is Sean brody?

sean brody is a fictional charactar from the jaws series. appears in steven speilbergs jaws [1975], jaws 2 [1978], jaws 3-D, jaws the revenge, james camerons jaws [2004] and j (MORE)
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What is Neville Brody famous for?

Neville Brody was most famous for his work on The Face and Arena magazines. You can learn more about Neville Brody online from the official Wikipedia website.
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Who is Neville longbottom?

Neville Longbottom is a fellow Gryffindor and a good friend of Harry Potter. His character seems very sheepish but proves to have great leadership skills when needed.
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What did Neville Chamberlain do?

Neville Chamberlain born 1869 died 1940     Neville Chamberlain was the British prime minister between 1937 and 1940, and is closely associated with the policy of appe (MORE)

Who has influenced the artist Neville Brody?

With the beginning of punk rock and with the punk style taking off, Neville Brody was able to grab ideas from this era. This style had a great influence in Neville Brody's wor (MORE)

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