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At what age can you get your permit in New York?

  Answer     You can apply for a junior learner's permit at age 16 and receive a junior driver's license after you pass the road test. You are considered a junior (MORE)

What is the legal piercing age in New Jersey?

18 years old (or an imancipated minor) by yourself or under 18 with a parent or legal guardian present. You must present a photo ID that is state or government issued (Drivers (MORE)

What is the drinking age of New Caledonia?

New Caledonia is a direct province of France, therefore under french rule. It is legal to drink at 16 while in private but it is illegal to become intoxicated. At 18 you can l (MORE)
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What does the New Age Movement say about sexuality?

New agers don't care about sexuality, they are very liberal and open minded to anything..
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Difference between New Religion and New Age Religion?

In a nutshell: "New Religions" emerge from Great World Religions when "revelations" or religious experiences are received via prophets or sages. "New Religions" either enhanc (MORE)