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Keyboard music in the middle ages?

Answer None. Not invented until much later. Flutes, drums, and string were used.    AnswerKeyboard instruments were invented long before the Middle Ages, even before the R (MORE)

Who enjoyed music in the Middle Ages?

Everyone enjoyed music in the Middle Ages. Music was a major source  for entertainment. The most popular was probably sacred music.  Musical entertainment at court included (MORE)

What are ages of the children in the sound of music?

Leisl is 16 (going on 17),   Friedrich is 14,   Louisa is 13,   Kurt is 10 (almost 11),   Brigitta is 9,   Marta is 6 at the beginning of the film/show and 7 at (MORE)

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What was the entertainment and music of the gilded age?

There were lots of different kinds of entertainment, traveling entertainment, sports, and musical entertainment with theater. Ragtime was a big and popular type of music back (MORE)

How do you remove music from the new imovie?

Music that you drop into a movie can be clicked on and deleted in the timeline. If the music is in the video, you cannot easily remove it without also removing dialogue and ot (MORE)