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Are guinea pigs from New Guinea?

No. They originated in the area of Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru in South America. There are a large number of theories on why they came to be known as "Guinea Pigs", one being t (MORE)
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Where or what is New Guinea?

It is the world's second largest island, in the Pacific Ocean just north of Australia. It is politically divided into Papua New Guinea and part of Indonesia. The original Guin (MORE)
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Is new Guinea in Africa?

No. New Guinea is located immediately north of Australia in the Southwest Pacific, and is the world's second largest island. It was named after Guinea in Africa, which is a to (MORE)

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Is Papua New Guinea and New Guinea both in Guinea?

No, Papua New Guinea is in the Pacific. It is the country on the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, although it is sometimes called New Guinea for short. The western ha (MORE)

How do you get a guinea pig to trust you?

guinea pigs are quite alert creatures so they do not learn to trust you very quickly, even if it trusts you it could take one wrong move to shatter it. my guinea pig and me ge (MORE)
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