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What is the state fish of New Hampshire?

State Freshwater Fish - Brook Trout: . The Brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) is New Hampshire's official freshwater fish adopted in 1994. . State Saltwater Game Fish - (MORE)

Famous food of New Hampshire?

New Hampshire is really known for: maple syrup- it is always the best tasting syrup in New Englandapple cider- afresh, local beverageNew England Clam Chowder- nothing beats t (MORE)

What is the inheritance tax in New Hampshire?

  Inheritances passing to the spouse, descendant, or ascendant are not subject to taxes in New Hampshire. Exceptions apply also to charitable organizations. Other beques (MORE)

What was the location of the New Hampshire colony?

The New Hampshire colony was located on the Atlantic coast of North  America. It was one of the original thirteen colonies, existing  from 1638 until 1776. The New Hampshire (MORE)

Can a New Hampshire felon have a gun?

No. A felon may not purchase, possess, or be allowed access tofirearms or ammunition in ANY state or territory of the US, period.
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How did New Hampshire get its shape?

New Hampshire's neighbors are Maine to the east, Vermont to the  west, and Massachusetts to the south. New Hampshire had land  disputes with Massachusetts and Maine. The Pis (MORE)

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