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Why can't you see the Moon when it is a new moon?

The "new moon" is when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, and the lighted half is facing the Sun, and away from the Earth. The Moon gets its light from the Sun, and m (MORE)
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What does the term new moon mean?

The time of the monthly lunar cycle when no part of the moon can be seen in the sky at night.
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When do you get a full moon and a new moon?

27 1/3 days dont improve answer because it is right ====== Yes, it's right. But to this question, it's not an answer. You get a Full Moon when the Moon is 'behind' the E (MORE)

Where is the moon when you can see a new moon?

In space. Comment: It's hard to disagree with that. The answer you need is that the Moon is between the Sun and Earth. The alignment isn't usually exact because the Moon's orb (MORE)

When does the new moon set?

Once in a blue moon when the little mouse eats his cheese and craps it out again and eats it again and goes on and on and on until the mouse explodes from eating his on waste
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How is a full moon different from a new moon?

A full moon happens when the Earth is between the moon and the sun.  During a full moon, the sun's light can be seen reflecting off of  all of the side face of the moon.  (MORE)