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How does the moon turn into a new moon?

The moon doesn't 'turn into' a new moon, or anything else. The term 'new moon' is used when the moon is on the same side of the Earth as the sun. When that happens, the lit si (MORE)

When do you get a full moon and a new moon?

27 1/3 days dont improve answer because it is right ====== Yes, it's right. But to this question, it's not an answer. You get a Full Moon when the Moon is 'behind' the E (MORE)

Why is the moon not visible when it is a new moon?

The new moon is invisible because the moon is a sphere. When it is new, it must be between earth and the sun, so the illuminated hemisphere must be on the far side of the moon (MORE)

Where is the moon when you can see a new moon?

In space. Comment: It's hard to disagree with that. The answer you need is that the Moon is between the Sun and Earth. The alignment isn't usually exact because the Moon's orb (MORE)

How are new moon and full moon formed?

50% of the moon is always illuminated by the sun (although which  50% it is keeps changing as the moon rotates). New Moon occurs when  we look directly at the entire dark ha (MORE)

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