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Do orthodox Jews and reformed Jews use the Torah differently?

The only difference is that in a Reform congregation a woman is allowed to read from the Torah. Otherwise the Torah is used the same way in both sects. Please note that it is (MORE)

What are the differences between reform and orthodox synagogues?

Reform synagogues often have a service on Friday evenings, but not one on Saturday morning. Some may do both, but the ones I've been in have only had the Friday service. Ortho (MORE)

What is a golden dawn tangerine?

the golden dawn tangerine is a tangerine made up in the book Tangerine. The tangerine does not exist but it supposedly is very juicy and can stand up to cold freezes

What is the difference between Orthodox Traditional and Reform Jews?

Answer:   Orthodox Jews are the ones that want to keep tradition. Reform want  to change things.    Answer:   The previous answer is incorrect and biased. Orth (MORE)

What are the similarities between Reform and Orthodox synagogues?

 Both are Jewish houses of worship, study, and assembly  Both have at least 1 Torah scroll, kept in a cabinet called a  Holy Ark  Both hold the same basic types of religi (MORE)

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Did geraldine edwards the rock muse robert palmers fiancee and one of the women almost famous was written about join the order of the golden dawn?

No, Geraldine Edwards is not a member of The Order of the Golden Dawn. Geraldine Edwards great grandfather was a member of the Order, and although certain people expressed an (MORE)
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How are orthodox and reform Jews different?

Answer Both Orthodox and Reform Jews have a deep-rooted attachment to G-d, Israel, and the Torah, though they interpret these things in different ways. Both use basically the (MORE)