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Where is orthodox?

"orthodox" literally means "right glory" from the Greek ortho (right) and doxa (glory). Orthodoxy is where two or three are gathered who believe and maintain the correct faith (MORE)
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What is the Heavenly Master of the Dawn of Jade of the Golden Door?

supposedly the deity to succeed the Jade Emperor as chief deity in Chinese Religion. Or , so I have heard
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Is there a difference between orthodox and reform Jews during Hanukkah?

Not really. Hanukkah is not a particularly religious holiday. It is a historical commemoration. The main difference is that Orthodox Jews are less likely to exchange present (MORE)

What are the similarities between Reform and Orthodox synagogues?

 Both are Jewish houses of worship, study, and assembly  Both have at least 1 Torah scroll, kept in a cabinet called a  Holy Ark  Both hold the same basic types of religi (MORE)

What monster drops mythril silver in golden sun dark dawn?

There is no Mythril Silver in Golden Sun Dark Dawn. In Dark Dawn, the Golem Cores, Mythril Silvers, Sylph Feathers and Aqua Stones were gotten rid of. They were replaced with (MORE)