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Should a new motorcycle rider buy a sportbike?

Here's the opinion expressed by Timberwoof in his Motorcycle FAQ: "The Air Force never lets some guy fresh out of ground school fly an F-16. He has to fly gliders, Cessnas and (MORE)

What is a sage?

Sage - the colour Sage is a pale, grayed-green colour, popular in the South-Western decorating style. Sage - the herb Sage is a perennial herb, commonly used in chicken dis (MORE)

What is purple?

Purple is a color formed when red and blue are mixed together. It is a secondary color on the color wheel and one of the colors of the rainbow.    Purple is a color! Your (MORE)

Who are the sage kings?

In Chinese mythology, the Three Sage Kings who were also known as  the Three August Ones were wise kings with magical powers which  they used to enhance and improve the live (MORE)

What can be substituted for sage?

Personally I don't think sage can be substituted for any other herb. It has it's own unique flavour. Its just a matter or experimenting with herbs in different dishes to find (MORE)
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What is sage training?

Sage is a nationwide training service that provides training for employees both on-site and online. Sage can provide training on how to increase productivity, short cut method (MORE)