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Is Ricky from motionless in white new to the band?

He is a fairly new addition to the band. their previous bassist frank left due to wanting to start a life and settle down. the band and frank are still great friends and have (MORE)

Why was the American victory in the Battle of New Orleans proved to be meaningless?

The 'textbook' answer for this question is that the treaty ending the War of 1812 had already been signed prior to the Battle of New Orleans. The actual truth is that the ba (MORE)

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How manY Super Bowl victories do the New York Giants have?

The New York Giants have appeared in five Super Bowls and won four of them. Here are the results (victories in bold): Super Bowl XXII (1-25-87) -- New York 39, Denver Bronc (MORE)

How did Washington turn retreat into victory in New Jersey?

Washington decided on a bold move: a surprise attack on Trenton. The soldiers went throughout many obstacles to get to where they needed to go. Early December 26, the American (MORE)

Jacksons victory at the Battle of New Orleans?

General Andrew Jackson and his troops win the decisive Battle of New Orleans in the waning moments of the War of 1812.
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The person that ran 26 miles to Rome to tell the new of the victory at Marathon?

Rome was an unimportant city in Italy in 490 BCE, thousands of  kilometres away, and had no interest in Marathon.   The city-state which won the battle of Marathon was At (MORE)