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What is the largest monkey in the world?

That could be the Mandrill Monkey. it looks like rafaki(the guy who holds the baby lion) in Lion king.   Be sure to find one! it's doesn't look so huge.
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How many worlds are on new Super Mario Brothers 2?

There are 9 worlds in total, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, mushroom, flower, and star. Mushroom is unlocked by accessing the cannon in World 1, flower is the same, but in World 3. Star is (MORE)

How do you pass World 7-3 Obsatcle in Super Monkey Ball 2?

    The easiest way to beat obstacle is to ride the platform on the left side of the stage up to the top ledge. Next, from the high ledge, line yourself up with the sl (MORE)

Do monkeys live in New Zealand?

New Zealand has no wild or native monkeys. The only monkeys you  will find in New Zealand would be in the country's Zoos.
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Where do Old World monkeys live?

Old World monkeys live in Africa and Asia. When the Americas were discovered, people called the western hemisphere the New World. Europe and the rest of the known lands were (MORE)

Did they make new cars during World War 2?

Not in the US. There were no domestic passenger cars made between 1942-46. Factories were retooled and production of civilian cars resumed for the 1947 model year.
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Why did Australia fight in New Guinea in World War 2?

There were two reasons why Australian troops fought in Papua New  Guinea in World War II.    The invasion of Papua New Guinea was seen as a very real threat to  Austr (MORE)