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Why should you not wash or cut your hair on the eve of the Chinese New Year?

  In modern society, this is not as widely practiced anymore. Yet, there are still those that do not wash their hair on Chinese New Year day. The belief is that when you (MORE)
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What is the origin of the custom of eating dumplings on the eve of the Chinese New Year?

Chinese Dumpling   Chinese dumplings or Jiaozi, with meat and vegetable fillings, is a  traditional Chinese food.    History   The history of jiaozi dates back (MORE)

What day is New Year's Eve on?

New Year's Eve is always December 31st of the current year. The day  of the week varies year to year. For example, in 2013 New Year's  Eve was on a Tuesday.
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Which is the place for Kerala New Year eve party?

ALLEPPEY NEW YEAR  ISLAND PARTY event -   step up to new dreams and funkey istay:  Bamboostix island resort (MORE)