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Locate the Panama Canal in Panama -What two bodies of water does it connect and -Without the canal where would a ship from New York have to travel to reach Portland Oregon?

The Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean are connected by the Panama Canal. Prior to its' construction, ships traveling from New York to Portland Oregon would have to s (MORE)

What were the effects Erie Canal had on New York?

The effects were huge. People could move westward easily and cheaply. The connection into the Great Lakes allowed the expansion of the United States throughout the Great Lakes (MORE)

What was the economic growth from Erie Canal to New York City?

The Erie canal allowed goods to be transported from New York harbor to the Hudson river into the canal and the great lake to what was the West United states. Also, crops from (MORE)

Why was the Erie Canal needed in New York state?

If you look throughout history, most major cities were founded on or near access to open water. New York, Boston, New Orleans, just to name a few. Land locked cities needed a (MORE)
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How did barges move along the canal?

In the U.S., barges were pulled by beasts of burden, such as mules. Steam propulsion did come along, but by that time railroads were all the rage, and the canals fell out of f (MORE)