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How does grunge music express rebellion?

It was a completely new music style compared to the pop, synthetic 80s material. The lyrics weren't about dancing, dating/boys, or the happy side of life in general. There (MORE)

How does contemporary music express rebellion?

It can express rebellion because of what the person is singing about... Since contemporary music is a form of expressing yourself, it really depends what the artist is saying (MORE)

Modes of expression of African music?

The main mode of expression of African music is singing. IndigenousAfrican languages are made up of tones and the changing of pitchdetermines the meaning, be it happy or sad.
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How does music express people's feelings?

Music is, sort of, a form of Psychology. People listen to music for many different reasons. EG, If your mad you would probably listen to hard, heavy songs, like Helter Skelter (MORE)
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How is music expressed?

you can express music in any way you want to its how you feel, or anything at that moment in your life....:))
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What effect do expressive elements have on music?

They make the music sound better and have real feeling, if that makes sense. Think of an instructor who teaches in a monotone versus one who really enjoys what they do and use (MORE)

Why is music an expression?

You should know first that music is an expression for the one who makes it. Now your response when you listen to music (such as dance or just rhythmic movements) is considered (MORE)