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Expressive techniques in music?

Expressive techniques in music is basically how the music is played. for example: Are there accents and fills in the song? Is there any kind of solo? if there is any way to ma ( Full Answer )
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Expressing feelings by means of music?

music can be a therapy for us because it relaxes you in many ways it can adjust our moods too music promote daydreaming. Music helps understand and evaluate strange or unknown ( Full Answer )
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What is expression in music?

Expression is the key to making music come alive. It is the heartbeat of music.
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How does music express people's feelings?

Music is, sort of, a form of Psychology. People listen to music for many different reasons. EG, If your mad you would probably listen to hard, heavy songs, like Helter Skelter ( Full Answer )
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How is music expressed?

you can express music in any way you want to its how you feel, or anything at that moment in your life....:))
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What is the musical expression for spiky and smooth?

Spiky, or short, is often referred to as staccato in musical terms. Legato is the correct name for smooth. There are many more musical synonyms which can be used for these 2 w ( Full Answer )
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Where is expressive indication written on music?

Expression is indicated anywhere throughout a piece of music using dynamic markings like forte (f) mp (mezzo piano) pianississimo (ppp) Or in Italian like tranquillio, mysteri ( Full Answer )
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How is rap music an expression of capitalism?

i would say its not. with the "crime" "women" and "money" it doesn't really have to do with an economic genre. (except for the money part of course). i would say that rap (jud ( Full Answer )
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Who wrote the musical Starlite Express?

Starlite Express's music was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, the text was written by Richard Stilgoe, and choreographed by Arlene Phillips. It was later revised by Don Black. ( Full Answer )
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Why is music an expression?

You should know first that music is an expression for the one who makes it. Now your response when you listen to music (such as dance or just rhythmic movements) is considered ( Full Answer )